Quinntech Investigations
Surveillance Specialists Since 1996

About Us

Quinntech Investigations became officially licensed in the State of Washington in October 1996 as a Private Investigation Agency.

Our goal was to be the most technologically advanced private investigative agency and use new techniques as well as perfect proven techniques.  We were one of only three agencies in 1996 that had night vision!              

The owner of Quinntech Investigations became interested in surveillance when he heard on the news that a vicious murdering drug kingpin (Pablo Escobar) had avoided justice by being an expert in counter surveillance.  The owner researched everything he could find on surveillance, counter surveillance, surveillance detection and technology related to surveillance.

In 1995 the owner, (now presently licensed as Quinntech Investigations) met a retired judge who specialized in electronic countermeasures and wiretapping.  This retired Judge trained the owner in the law relating to Private Investigations and helped him obtain his Agency license.

Since the terrorist attack on 9-11-01 the owner of Quinntech Investigations has trained with secret service agents and military special forces and provided security for high ranking government officials having served active duty tours in Iraq and Kuwait.

Quinntech Investigations is not here to make a quick buck.  Don't let an unprofessional inexperienced agency blow the job making it more difficult and more expensive to get the results you need.

Washington certification/license # 2569
PO Box 793 Everett WA 98206

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